Saturday, April 21, 2012

Head vs. Gut

Have you ever had people tell you NOT to do something...
yet, for some strange and fucked up reason you have that
GUT feeling that you should matter what other people are telling you.

I am not sure why or how I am in this particular situation but I am.
My head is saying one thing while my gut is saying another.
The battle is usually between your heart and your
head...but in this case its between my head and gut.

This battle is quite different. I have never had this strong
of a gut feeling in my life about a situation. I can only recall
a handful of times this incredibly strong yet peculiar gut feeling
occurred. Every single time...I would follow what I FELT was right.

So far...I haven't failed myself. HOWEVER, this is way too scary.
If I decide to listen to my gut it is a risk I have to be willing to take.
A HUGE risk...and I want to take it. And if I do, so be it.
BUT...if I end up fucked up I am not sure my body will
be able to recover itself.

Perhaps I will just go with the flow? We shall see.