Friday, December 23, 2011

Gravitational pull is a concept I am not fond of.
Nor am I fond of the notion of confusion with
the gravity of the magnet inside of me pulling
me towards you. Have you TRIED separating
two magnets once they bind together?

Yea -- sure, it's possible to take them
a part but what happens after? They FORCE
themselves to be back together don't they?
It's almost like one can't be alone without the other
because if it's alone the other gravitational pull
to make that magnet a complete "whole" is gone.

You're my fucking magnet you idiot.
And I fucking love you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What. If.

What if I told you I wanted to "fuck you like an animal."
What if I told you I wanted to be inside your mouth.
What if I told you I wanted to wake up to see your face right beside mine.
What if I told you I wanted to hold your hand -- every step of the way.
What if I told you I cared for you and wanted to just be with you.
What if I told you I didn't give a shit about your past.
What if I told you all I want to do is hold you tight against my ribs.
What if I told you I just want to see you smile.
What if I told you I want to look inside you -- and I'd still love what I see.
What if I told you I'd break all the rules for you.
What if I told you I loved everything about you.
Your tattoos. Your crazy hair. Your piercings.
Your lies. Your cries. Your guitar. Your cigarette breath.
Your whiskey musk. Your painted lips. Your un-painted lips.
Your slanted smile. Your chocolate eyes. Your adorable nose. Your little dimples.
Your enchanting hugs. Your mesmerizing kisses. Your hypnotic touch.
Your irresponsible fickleness.Your cut-up bruised fingers.
Your dried, cracked un-moisturized lips.
What if I told you. What if I told you
I loved you?

What would you say? What would you do?
Would you run away? Just like you did
the day I kissed you?

I think I might be crazy.
Just a little crazy in love with you.
Damn it. I fucking love you.