Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love Fucks You Up.

His body moves within my veins.
Every breathe I can not take.
His body shivers within my core.
Something, someone I can't ignore.
I try but all that fades to find.
The horrible lies within his eyes.
His body shakes, I can not breathe.
His body moves within my teeth.
His body shakes, I can not breathe. 
I try, but all that fails inside of me.

My veins burst, my heart's still sore.
He's in my life, he's in my core.
My body froze, I can not speak.
The light that moves towards me. 
I will do anything to disagree.
The pain that moves from my spine; down.
To try bend that upside down frown
The body moves outward me.
He's finally setting me free.

My body's cold, I can not breathe.
He finally set me free.
He locked the door to ignore me.
Though, who knew he had the key?

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