Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am incredibly content with my life as of late.
I am happy and it feels amazing to be happy.
I can be the happiest girl alive if I take one
step...that one step which I am not sure 
I should take. Because if I do...I might 
destroy that "okay" state of mind which
I am currently in. The state of mind that I've
been struggling to reach and once I have reached
this stage its scary, taking any risky steps.
my question is, should I take this gamble?
If I take this risk, its either nothing or everything.
If I don't, I stay content, and finally in the stage
of my recovery where I can finally say that "I am okay."
I never thought I'd reach this stage, and I finally have.
To risk it all or not to risk it all? That my dear, is the question. 

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