Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Unique Man Vs. The Charmer.

Have you ever met such an amazing man
that you couldn't classify him as anything other
than the "unique man." You call him this name
because he is different. Different than all of
the other men you have met. There is something
just absolutely breathe taking about this man.
His energy makes you want to dance. His
atmosphere makes you unbelievably comfortable
that you unintentionally blurt out stuff he's not supposed
to know. Everything about this man is stunning. You
can't imagine any other person who would made you
feel this amazing. You smile when you hear his
voice, feeling warmth. He's absolutely gorgeous
from the inside out.

But then...there's another man. There is
the infamous, cliche and generic "charmer."
You're immediately attracted to this man
at the mere sight of him. His sexy gaze is striking.
You obviously know this man is a charmer,
he just can't turn it off but you still manage to
get sucked in. It's only human nature. He makes
you feel special, but he does that to the rest of
the women as well. Even though you know this,
it feels good to feel appreciated right? All of
a sudden you are unaware, twirling your hair,
smiling unconsciously. Your legs are trembling,
your heart it beating, and your eyes are dilating.
Oh, he definitely has you under his charming spell.
He's attractive, sweet, and makes you feel wanted.

Who would you choose?
The Unique Man or The Charmer?

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