Monday, June 20, 2011

When The Sun Hits The Ground.

During the day, I'm okay but when the sun fades away
everything comes traveling up my spine once again.
I haven't talked about "him" in a while, my mind has
been traveling non-stop, trying to circulate around anything
but him or love for that matter. I still miss him and some
nights are truly so much harder than others.

You know what hurts even more? Trying.
It's when I try to find someone and when I do
find someone who makes me happy they're either
not interested, already taken or there's some other conflict
keeping me from being with a person that makes me happy.

I think that's the worst part, is opening yourself up and having
yourself hurt once more. How much can a single broken heart
handle? I don't know, but I'm still breathing and loving life. Nights
like these are just hard sometimes. However, "nothing will keep this
heart from beating." Thank you Mayday Parade.

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