Friday, July 8, 2011

Bomb Fires.

Everything just hit me all at once.
What did I do? And how the hell
could I allow myself to be so foolish?

I needed to let it off my chest. I needed
him to know I fell in love with him. Whether
he felt the same way or not. I just hope he
realizes what he's missing out on.

I'm not the person who thinks she's
amazing. In fact, I'm the complete opposite.
However, I will tell you this. You will NEVER
meet anyone, who loved you as much as I did
or still do. Let's just say "we could of had it
all...rolling in the deep"

I fell in love with a man. I fell down because of love
and I'm unable to get out. Over him, I wish
to be. Over him, I'll be eventually.

I gave you all of me. And you just laughed.

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