Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Wine Glass.

You are the glass and I am the wine.
I can never leave unless you break me free.
Break, break I shall say.
But you won’t break, I’ll just
have to run away.

Run away, you wanted to break.
Run away, I wanted you to stay.
You are the glass and I am the wine.
You have power over whether you're mine.

Leave, leave, say I shall.
But you won’t leave, run away you’ll just.
I’m the wine you are the glass.
Without you, I'm nothing at last.

Shatter, shatter you screamed.
Shatter, shatter, in front of me.
You crushed and you broke free.
You shattered, shattered; shattered me.

What is the wine without the glass?
It lays dead, hanging alone at last.

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