Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shattered Hope

I love you exactly the way you are.
I am in love with every imperfection.
In my eyes, you are the little pieces
that put me together, those many pieces
that make me whole. Truly whole.

I am so madly, and crazy in love.
Everything you do, in my eyes
are beautiful. You are my light.
Without you, I see nothing.
Darkness is my fate that awaits.

You mean...much much more than you should mean.

"Cause you're the one that I put on a pedestal
the one who keeps coming back to me
the one that I gave my whole heart to
the one who makes me believe
I want a lover that's a side by side
I want a lover that holds me tight
I want a lover that feels like a dream
but when I wake up, hes still with me..."

You are that "lover" that holds me tight
You feel like a complete dream. There was a
point when I would wake up and there was a 
guarantee I'd see your face, and you'd be with
me for one hour more, one minute more, one second more.

I gave myself to you, my whole heart.
A piece of me is forever with you. 
And when you left you took that
piece of me with you & I want to
stop wishing you'll ever come.
Will you ever come back?
How long do I have to wait?

You gave me hope to believe, and then...shattered me.

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