Monday, March 14, 2011

To The End.

When something comes to an end...its sad.
To see something go kind of just sucks.
Even if this something isn't a big deal, its still sad.
Its still sad to see something go away, especially
if this something has had the slightest impact on your life.

Maybe I'm a mush ball, but this something
did mean something to me. As much as I hated
it at one point, I'm going to miss it. 

I'm going to miss you. You gave me much
joy, and much happiness. At times, I hated
you...but in the end you did change a part of
my life and I am grateful for that. We
will probably never meet again.

And I want to thank you for those precious moments.
Those moments that in my heart mean to me
more than you'll ever know. 

Arrivederci, good friend.

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