Friday, April 29, 2011


They say if you remove yourself from the situation
that somehow, someway, everything will fall into
place and the pieces of this insane puzzle will be put together.

That is exactly what I did. I detached myself and
simply removed myself before anyone could get hurt.

Two situations. First: I detached myself too late.
Learning from my mistake was the best thing
I've ever done therefore, when the second situation
come along my path, I immediately detached myself.
I made sure that I did so, very early in the game
so my poor fragile heart, that has been toyedwith constantly wouldn't get hurt. 

The smartest decision I've ever made?
Probably. However, I can't ignore the fact
that feelings can only be buried for so long.
I put my feelings in a box, made sure it was

locked and threw them out into the ocean.
I made sure I kept myself constantly busy, but
even within those moments where I needed one second
to breathe I found myself thinking about you. It's odd.

Removing myself from the situation was supposed
to help me, not destroy my thinking process.
Things began to turn and twist and I began to
hurt more. That box eventually came rushing
back to me, even though I did not want it to.

Detachment--does that plan of action truly work?
Right now, all I can say is that it's complicated.

In a sense, it is a truly good thing that I removed myself
now before I was in too deep and got hurt once more.

Then again, did I miss out on an amazing opportunity?
I'm not sure if taking the risk was worth it, therefore
I didn't. I stayed back and watched my mind
sink into what is reality and reality alone.

Detachment: it still didn't keep me from missing you.

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