Saturday, April 23, 2011


Oh, how I love spring.
The flowers blossoming and the
sun is glistening. The world stands
still for one moment just to hear the
flowers sing. Spring makes me feel a
type of warmth. No, not because the
weather is getting hotter, but it makes me
feel all giddy inside. Sometimes I just want
to press pause on my life and watch whats
around me and appreciate that true beauty
that surrounds me every single day. Today,
I laughed more than I have laughed in quite
some time. My chest began to hurt because of
how much I was laughing. I spent it with some of
my closest friends ever. It felt good to be reunited.
No drama. no fighting. We were simply happy to
be in each others presence and recognize how much
we mean to one another because of the time we spend
a part. Therefore, every moment we spend together is
even 10x more precious. Today was a good day &
as of this moment right now, I am happy and I feel
like my soul is at rest. In a couple of days this might
change but as of this moment right now, I can truly
say that I am happy. I love my friends.

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