Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carrie & Mr. Big

If you've ever seen the show Sex & The City, you know
about the famous couple Carrie & Mr. Big. They go through
many, many trials and bumpy roads to end up happily married.
My life consists of many bumpy roads as of right now.

His exact words were "I'm not ready."
My question is "When will he actually be ready?"
Will he ever be ready? Rules are his strings.
I don't have any strings. I believe in love.
He does too. He's just afraid. Maybe terrified?

As simple as it is. I'm upset. I'm simply hurt.
You'd think after a year and six months I'd fall out of love? No.
I could never. My heart is lingering. I went to him.
I went for closure. What did I receive? More questions
to contemplate about, more possibilities eating my brain away.

My heart is sore.
My tears are dry.

Carrie & Mr. Big ended up together, after
years and years of madness. What will
happen to us? Only time can tell.

1 comment:

  1. Sarah,
    I know what you're going through and it really really simply sucks so much ass. My first love was with a kid named uhh, let's call him Nick. I don't want him to somehow find this, lol. You know how it's been? Four years. Or five, I don't even really remember. I still love him, and I think about him and I miss him every day. I used to convince myself that the future will bring us together, but eventually (after a few years), that hope withered.
    I still love him, but I moved on and I have happy memories of him. I think there's a huge difference in getting over someone and moving on. I don't think you ever really get over someone you're in love with, especially not your first.
    It really hurts to have a piece of your heart dedicated to someone forever. But with the future, there is -always- hope.
    You scare me, though. I'm deathly afraid of falling in love now (too late?), especially with volatile people, which for some godforsaken reason, I'm attracted to.
    I think you've convinced me to run away from my relationship, haha. Probably a wise choice.
    I love you girl, be strong! And if you're feeling weak, I'm always here to listen. (: