Friday, January 28, 2011

I am In Love With You

My Current Theme Song.
I am In Love With You.
It's as simple as that.

I absolutely adore Imogen Heap. Anytime I need
a song that describes how I am feeling I go to her.

"I am in love with you"
It's as simple as that. I am in love
and it's with you. Funny eh?
Love is funny. A little mad.
A lot mad. Who am I kidding?
Love IS madness, especially
in my very twisted situation.

"Oh hey baby don't you run away
come here and finish what you started"
Oh he'll run away alright. He always
runs away because fear has taken over his life.

Its funny how he pretends that he hasn't
started anything yet he runs away. Does
that make sense? Am I even making sense?

At one point in the song she says
"No don't get yourself in situations,
darling that you can't handle."
He can't handle me. Apparently
he isn't "ready." I am the situation 
that he can't handle and I
understand that. I kind of have
to try to understand it. Again it's all
from fear that is attached to him.

The phrase "No one will know, if you forget yourself,
No one will know, that you forget yourself"
I know I forget who I am when I'm with
him. I lose myself within him. I'm not sure if
he does the same, but I've seen a side of
him that no one has ever seen. A side people
would be shocked to see. I'm assuming he
forgets himself and just "lives." It's something
he tends to forget. Is to "live for the moment."

Towards the end of the song she keeps
repeating "Come on into my bed with me,
I know you want to." She wheels him into bed
and in the end after she gets what she wants
she says "I'm not in love with you."

To me this can mean two things.
One: He went into bed with her and she
decided to rip his heart out like he did and
after getting what she wanted she said
"I'm not in love with you."

Or Two: He doesn't go into bed
with her and she's trying to convince herself
that she isn't in love with this man any longer
by repeating over and over that she isn't
"in love with you." 

Both analyzations are probably wrong but
in my head this is what it means. I prefer 
neither honestly. I'd rather have him come into
bed with me and stay there. Hurting him is something
I'd never be able to do because I know whats it's
like to be hurt. Convincing myself that I'm not
in love is impossible. It's like trying to convince
myself that I'm not a girl. Yea, really bad
example but you know what I mean right?

It's just impossible because in the
end I am in love with you. Convincing
myself otherwise would just be faulty. 

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