Friday, February 25, 2011

Alter Ego

Sometimes I wish life was just a big drunken party.
Everybody would be falling all over the place, and
falling into each other. Falling in lust, and falling
out of love. At least that is what I'd be doing.
The important part: Falling out of love.

A side of me just wants to have fun.
To stop worrying about stupid shit that in
the end, won't matter. In the end, life is
about the memories and the events, not
the knowledge or the tiny little details.

Shouldn't we being living life to the fullest?
Then why are some of us doing the stuff that
we hate in order to survive? Alcohol becomes an answer
to certain escape from reality. Sometimes
life needs to be a drunken mess in order to survive.

In this video Britney is portraying two different people.
Herself and her alter ego. This is how I'm analyzing the video.
There is one side of Britney that is an innocent, hard working
mother who almost seems perfect. And then there is another
side. The flaming, rebellious side of Britney who quite
frankly doesn't seem to give a rats ass about others opinion.

Can these two personalties ever mix without
being untrue to yourself or others around you?
Or is it the fact that everybody has two different
personalities? A personality that is embodied through
everyday life and then the personality that comes out
when the sun hits the ground and the alcohol drips inside your mouth.

Sometimes, a girl just wants to have some damn fun.
Is that so wrong? I don't think so.

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