Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't Try Pretending There Is No Feeling.

I swear. I'm not asking for much.
I'm not asking for flowers. I'm not asking for extravagant
gifts, diamonds, rings, or anything along those lines. 

I swear. I'm not asking for much.
I don't want anything from you.
I don't want your money and
I don't want your lies. I don't
want your car, I don't want your eyes.
I don't want your house, I don't want anything from you
except for one simple thing. One simple thing.

I don't want surprises, or expensive dinner dates.
I don't want that. I only want: one simple thing.
I want "you" and only you. I want you as you.
Do you understand? I want you to let yourself
go and to stop pretending that there is no feeling.
I know how you feel about me, I can read you.
Don't forget the hours, minutes, and seconds we
spent together, every single day. Don't forget.

I can read you, and I know you can read me.
Thats all I'm asking, I'm asking for you. I love
you for who you are, and all of your imperfections.
In my eyes, you are beautiful, in me eyes you are perfection.
Thats all I you and me, together & in love.

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