Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Week, & One Day.

It feels longer.
I swear it does.

"I'll be fine I swear, I'm just gone beyond repair." 

I still can't comprehend why I feel the way I do.

During the dark of the night, my body shivers
just to touch your cold face. 

Random thoughts spill into my brain.
One thought that keeps reoccurring
is why people say nice shit just to be nice.

I mean, can't you just fucking say whats on your
mind? I'm a big girl damn it, I can handle it.
Don't say "keep in touch" and not mean it.
Thats just rude, thats not even nice.

I absolutely hate when people say
"keep in touch" and don't fulfill their
half of the "keep in touch" part, because
its a two sided effort, not a one sided.

OH, whats even MORE irritating is when they
"Keep in touch, for sure, please keep
in touch and let me know how things
are going, make sure you keep in touch."

The fact that the person is repeating it, genuinely
makes you believe that they want you to keep
talking to them and keep them updated BUT
when you do try to contact them...nothing...

They never respond.

Please...grow some damn balls.

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