Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'll Hold Tight To What I Know

"And though I cannot see you
and I can't explain why 
such a deep, deep reassurance
you've placed in my life"

This line gets to me. Its gets
underneath my skin because this is
exactly how I feel. Words can not express
why there is such a deep connection between
me and you. Something happened in the midst
of our love crazed adventure. 

We took one another into what
we both knew. Does that make sense?
He took a look inside me, to a place
where no one has ever dared to look.

We fell in love with each other.
He was afraid. He ran away. 
Still. Still after the madness
he's still here, and I'm never alone.

After all the tossing and turning,
the ripping and bleeding he's still
a part of me. Whether I see him or not.

I can't explain what he does.
Love is love is love is love.

They say this song is about God.
Music is music, it can be interrupted 
into whatever you want it to be.

This song reminds me of a lover. 
He's always with me. We can't
separate, and even if we do so, 
we both know in our hearts we are
always going to be one. 

"We Can NOT Separate" 

It's just impossible.

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